Tango Lessons with Michael Flanagan

I teach through private lessons only.

The hourly rate is $50 plus floor fees at the The St. Charles and Manchester studios 

or $70 at your location (50 mile limit)

General Background Information

Michael Flanagan has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1999. He was drawn to the freedom and creativity of Argentine tango. Michael teaches in Kirkwood near the Kirkwood Train Station and in St Charles near Highway 94 and Jungerman Road. The majority of his work is through private lessons. In addition to teaching, Michael can often be found dancing at The Ritz-Carlton on a Friday or Saturday evening. His dancing philosophy is simple, “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

Flanagan has trained with many Argentine instructors throughout the United States and in his travels to Buenos Aires.

Michael continues to study Argentine Tango, he also works to dissect the movement of the dance to better understand the individual movements and how those movements become the language of Argentine Tango. Michael created DNA Tango to share his style of learning and teaching to those dancers interested in learning more than standard tango combinations.

In addition to teaching and dancing for fun, Flanagan has performed at many local venues including The Sheldon, Missouri Botanical Gardens, The Jazz Whitaker Festival, The Loreto-Hilton Center along with a variety of St. Louis festivals. Michael has been featured in stories by KSDK St. Louis and the cable station HEC, Higher Education Channel on Charter. He has worked with the Parkinson’s organization in fundraising for the Washington University studies that show how Tango instruction helps mobility, flexibility and memory in Parkinson’s patients.