Solo Tango

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This questionnaire is designed as a personal evaluation of your tango experience. Think of this as taking stock of your tango assets. Sometimes we are so involved in what we are doing; we are really not sure what we are doing. If tango is a little more important to you than something to do on a Saturday night, you may want to examine your time, education and evaluation of your tango perspective. There are no correct answers and the only evaluation that takes place is yours. This is your tool to be used to see where you have been and decide where you would like to go with tango. Take your time, give each question some thought and don not be afraid to say “Hmmmm”.

How long has it been since you were first exposed to Argentine Tango?

When did you have your first regular tango lesson?

What has been your commitment to your tango education?

How many sessions have you taken?

How would you evaluate the classes you have taken?

Have you worked with a regular partner at any time during you education?

Have you practiced or did any tango homework on a regular basis?

Do you remember your first Milonga? Do you remember your first Dance? How were they?

How many instructors do you think you have taken lessons from?

Try to remember, how many different teachers can you remember?

Do any of the instructors stand out? Why?

Knowing what you know now about tango, how do you evaluate your first instructor?

Have you taken any workshops?

Were the workshops in town or out of town?

Why did you take workshops? To learn, to meet people, to dance, do you know the reason?

Do you understand the physics of Argentine Tango?

How many steps or pieces do you think there are in tango? (Forward step, side step, etc.)

What do you want from tango?

What level do you think you are in Argentine Tango?

How much time do you spend practicing with someone? This does not include Milongas or classes.

How much time have you practiced on your own?

What do you feel is important in physically dancing tango? Balance, walking, pivot, embrace, experience… your call, but why?

What do you think about you current regular instructor? Why?

If you do not practice, do you still take classes? Why?

I have more to come, but this is already enough for one to contemplate.

Good luck, stay tuned for more.