DNA Tango

I have been involved in Argentine tango for about 14 years. My main focus has always been on growing our tango community. I believe Argentine Tango is one of the best kept secrets in dance. I also believe you cannot describe tango you must witness it and better yet, experience tango. I have shared my thought below in order that others may see a different perspective.


Thank you, Michael

Genes are made from a long molecule called DNA, which is copied and inherited across generations. DNA is made of simple units that line up in a particular order within this large molecule. The order of these units carries genetic information, similar to how the order of letters on a page carries information. The language used by DNA is called the genetic code, which lets organisms read the information in the genes. This information is the instructions for constructing and operating a living organism.

DNA Tango is all that is Tango.

DNA Tango is a blog created by Michael J Flanagan- from St. Louis Missouri

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