Hey St Louis, here is a very drivable tango festival.

Louisville Tango Festival   May 27-29, 2016


Luciano Brigante & Alejandra Orozco

Internationally renowned teachers, choreographers, and competitors, they have over 16 years of experience performing and teaching Tango Brigante method in Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, Europe, Asia and USA.

Alicia and Luis reside and teach in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but also travel to Europe and the US for teaching and exhibitions. They are known for the passion they bring to the dance

Christy Byers & Andy Blair

Christy and Andy started Louisville’s Argentine Tango Society over 15 years ago, and the local tango community continues to thrive, not only at Blair’s Ballroom, but throughout Louisville’s dance studios and venues. Andy and Christy are both accomplished teachers with years of accolades, awards, and a studio of championship dance students.

Juliana is well known to the Louisville tango community where she has exposed tango lovers to the fascinating rhythms and movements found in Argentine Folklore Dance.


This former home of the Lincoln Bank & Trust Company was constructed in the late 1920s in the stye the Italian Renaissance with French motifs and art moderne detailing. It is a stunning example of the elegance and optimism of the Roaring 20s. (urbanup.net)


​The quartet explores tango recordings, manuscripts, and publications by tango masters such as, Juan D’Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Osvaldo Pugliese, among others, embracing the styles and performance of the tango tradition.



World-Class teachers from Argentina, an unbelievable venue, a phenomenal live tango band, and exciting DJs are all features of the Louisville Tango Festival.


SUNDAY is our new Tango Day!! The Focal Point

Looking for a place to dance tango on Sunday evenings. Check out the newest Milonga in St Louis, the Milonga del Domingo at the Focal Point in Maplewood. The Focal Point has a beautiful wood floor, and there is ample street parking (but don’t park in the private lot across the street). The adjacent Maya Café is scheduled to be open, serving food from 5 pm until 8 pm, with the bar open until possibly as late as 9 pm if traffic warrants. (The Maya Café is accessible via the hallway to the shared bathrooms, so no need to even go outside.) You may also bring your own food and drinks. Cover for the Milonga: $5

Come join us,

Barb Jones, Russell Blyth, Nabil El Hassan, Deborah Hackett Pogue and Menelaos Karanikolas

Focal Point, 2720 Sutton, Maplewood

Check the TSL Calendar for the Milonga del Domingo’s next event.

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